XXXXX Institute of China XXXXX (no full name disclosed for privacy protection), directly controlled by China National Petroleum Corporation, established a business cooperative relationship with us in July 2012. The materials they need to be translated are largely business contracts. To translate international trade contracts, a translator’s mastery of both Chinese and foreign language is required, and apart from that, the specialized knowledge about contracts and international trade, accounting and law. Our professional team consists of translators who, when contracts to be translated are received, carry out the translating and proofreading work in an orderly way strictly in accordance with the rules. The specific procedures involve: 1) fully understanding the contract and its internal significance by reading through the full text and studying the text structure; 2) carefully reading every article of the contract; 3) analyzing the grammar structure of the text translated and working on the difficult expressions; 4) organizing the translation texts and making them accurate; 5) making sure the translation is strict, standard and professional, conforming to contract standard and requirement in format and style, without undermining the accuracy of any sentences. Since our cooperation began, all business contracts translated by us have served good purposes of communication and partnership and earned high credit from the customer.